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ALL4ONE CARE SERVICES LIMITED is Domiciliary Care Company, Incorporated in England & Wales as a Private limited Company, with a registration number of 13666845. We are registerered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and a member of United Kingdom Home Care Association (UKHCA). We provide comprehensive person-centred domiciliary care services to children aged 13-18, Adults aged 18-65 & Adults aged 65 years and beyond. We employ the services of support/care staff who are experienced, have the requisite skills, ability and are caring to provide a comprehensive range of domiciliary, supported living and basic nursing observations where necessary to our clients.

We provide generic (core) and specialist service to include:
Home care for specialist dementia service users
Home care for Mental Health service users (Young to Adults)
Home care for Learning Disabilities and Special needs service users
Home care for End-of-life Care service users
Home care for Brain Injury service users (non-medical Care)


Our Aims and Objectives

We aim to provide the highest possible standards of care to all our clients. Our person-centred care approach is promoted to meet each of our service user’s unique and lifestyle needs. We aim to provide a homely environment where care and support is provided involving all our clients, their relatives, friends, medical professionals and other relevant personnel as appropriate to meet the essential needs of our clients.

Offer skilled care to enable people supported by us to achieve their optimum state of health and well-being.

Treat all people supported by us and all people who work here with respect at all times.

Uphold the human and citizenship rights of all who work and visit here and of all Service Users.

Respect and encourage the right of independence of all Service Users.

Recognise the individual uniqueness of Service Users, staff and visitors, and always treat them with dignity and respect.

Recognise the individual need for personal fulfilment and offer person-centred programs of meaningful activity to satisfy that need of Service Users and staff.

Respect individual requirement for privacy at all times and treat all information relating to individuals in a confidential manner according to principles of GDPR


Our Mission

To make sure you receive the highest standards of care services that is person-centred/personalised, meets your outcomes and enable you to achieve to maintain independent living.

Ensure that you receive a safe, caring and responsive service, that our carers understand your needs and have the required knowledge and skills to support our clients.

Maintain our responsibility to promote your privacy and dignity, respect your private space, provide help with intimate tasks discretely and ensure confidentiality of your personal information.

That you continue to have the right to choose, for example, who looks after you, where you spend your time, who are your regular companions and what activities you are involved in. Having choice helps to promote your independence and relationships. We strongly feel that everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, respect, choice, to be cared for or supported to meet their essential needs even if everything has to be done for them. Having this mission at the core of our service enables us to provide only the best of services to all our clients. Where we feel we are unable to meet a particularly need we make this clear so that our mission is upheld at all times.


Ethos & Philosophy

ALL4ONE CARE SERVICES LIMITED believes that each client has the fundamental right to:

Be regarded as an individual and given our special attention
Be cared for by people who are capable of understanding their needs
Be treated equally, and no less favourably than others
Receive respect and understanding regarding their cultural, religious and spiritual beliefs
Be informed about all important decisions that affect them if applicable, and to have a say
Encourage our clients to complain about anything they feel is unfair or unjust, and to have that complaint listened and responded to
Promoting independent living, working within your range of abilities and competencies
Ensuring that your confidential information is protected at all times and only shared with others strictly in accordance with our policy on confidentiality
Respecting and involving people who use services
We see all our clients at the centre of our service. We ensure that our clients and their representatives understand our service information guide by using simple, easily understood English language.
We work hard to promote independent living by supporting and encouraging our clients to maintain and enhance their abilities. We believe that our clients views are important and should be listened and responded to.

Friendly companionship
elderly care service
personal care
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